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My favorite hosting

A2HostingFAST setup. Tons of features. – A2Hosting – for hosted WordPress and lots more!


My favorite domain hosting – I trust Google for many other things, so why not Google domains?


Google App for Business / G Suite – THE place to host email… $5 per user, per month; great integration with Chrome and Android!


Favorite technology products…

Blank DVD media is Taiyo Yuden -R DVD media Blank DVD media is Taiyo Yuden -R DVD media
-R is more compatible with set-top DVD players than +R. Taiyo Yuden is the brand that a lot of duplicators use because of its high quality.
Intuit QuickBooks Cash Register Plus Intuit QuickBooks Cash Register Plus
An amazing and FREE cash register / POS / Point Of Sale application from Intuit for managing sales.

Other links and stuff…

  • Yahoo Domains / MelbourneIT ( has one of THE worst domain and webhosting control panels on the planet. PLUS, it’s nearly impossible to find when you login to your account. So – here’s the link:
  • Dell doesn’t send Windows install media with their computers anymore… so you need to order it. BE SURE to order it within the warranty period of the computer, even if you don’t need it/them. Keep them on hand. It’s better to do a format of the drive and clean-install Windows than to ‘restore from the image’ from Dell (full of bloat). Here’s the link – Dell Backup and Recovery Media Request Form (For US and CA Only)