Small Business Technical Consulting

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Take care of business

While you focus on your business, let me handle your technology needs. I’ll solve the hardware and software issues while you and your employees help customers and build your business.

The bottom line – enhanced productivity

It can be costly in time and money to dedicate an employee to handle a task for which they have little or no knowledge. Instead of handing off support problems or technology planning to a valuable employee, let me use my experience to shorten the time it takes to resolve technology issues or pull together your plan for new computers, software, and technology.

I specialize in start-to-finish solutions, including training and workflow efficiencies. Or, I can do the research and hand off a plan that you can complete on your own.

Get online

Why does your business need a website? Because your competition already has one and your customers are online too!

If your business cards have an AOL, Hotmail, Gmail, or Outlook email address, your customers may not take you seriously. It’s easy and inexpensive to setup a simple website and email address using your own web address.

Networking | Tavres Technical Consulting

Even a simple website with contact information and an “online flyer” will have an impact on your business. Customers can remember a website easier than they can write down a phone number or find the right social media page in passing.

Smart Phone | Tavres Technical ConsultingUpdate your technology

I can network your computers, update your website, install a file server, set up a network or wifi printer, connect your smart phone to your cloud storage, fix your wifi, and train you in everything from social media posting to advanced spreadsheets. You focus on making money while I make sure your technology is up and running when you need it.

I’ll solve your tech problems

Call me today for some technology advice, or to begin your technology project.

Often there’s a faster or easier way to complete a task on the computer, but people just don’t know how to do it. Or, let me show you how to use a mobile device in your business for things other than a phone.

Every business can use technology. Whether you use a computer for invoicing, project planning, internet sales, or any other solution, updated software and hardware can make your job faster, easier, and more productive. The benefits of upgrading will become clear when you realize that you and your employees can complete tasks and get more done with updated equipment.

Software training | dTavres Technical Consulting
Printers | Tavres Technical Consulting
Services Offered
  • Install and setup software
  • Hardware recommendations
  • Website development, updates, and training
  • Smart phone reset and connectivity
  • WiFi troubleshooting and setup
  • Smart Home installation and training
  • Spreadsheet training and organization
  • Audio / Video setup
  • Custom email domain setup and management
  • Password Vault creation and instruction
  • Data backup
  • QuickBooks basic setup and training
  • CRM / Customer Relationship Management education
  • Technology for Efficiency planning
  • Project Management
  • Mailing List & Email Marketing Automation
  • Mass Printing Consulting
  • QR Code Creation and Tracking
  • Setup Remote Access so you can connect from anywhere